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Launch of Architectural Competition for BAnQ Saint-Sulpice

The Minister of of Culture and Communications and the Minister responsible for the Protection and Promotion of the French Language, Mr. Luc Fortin, and the Mayor of Montréal, Mr. Denis Coderre, announced on January 11, 2017 the launch of a Québec-wide multidisciplinary architectural competition for the restoration of Bibliothèque Saint-Sulpice. In 2016, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) was tasked by the Québec Ministry of Culture and Communications and the City of Montréal with reinventing the Saint-Sulpice library under the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal (agreement on the cultural development of Montréal).

This heritage building is located on Saint-Denis Street, in the heart of Montréal’s Quartier latin. BAnQ Saint-Sulpice, as it will be called, will open to the public in the winter of 2018-2019. As a library/laboratory, it aims to meet the needs of teenagers and focus on exploring new technologies. An incubator of projects and ideas for people of all ages in a vibrant community, BAnQ Saint-Sulpice will compare favourably with projects of the same nature currently in development all over the world. It will become a one-of-a-kind venue where the flow of programmed events will emphasize the building's great heritage value.


Martin Carrier is BAnQ’s Board of Directors New Chair

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) is pleased with the composition of its new Board of Directors, announced last week by the Cabinet. Seven new members joined the Board, along with Martin Carrier, Vice-President of Warner Bros. Games Montréal, who will henceforth be Board Chair.

“I am delighted with our new Board as I know the members will assist me in achieving BAnQ's objectives, and I welcome Mr Carrier’s appointment. I'm sure he will use his tenure to share his passion for books and archives and his concern for young people and digital literacy,” said Christiane Barbe, BAnQ President and CEO.

“I am pleased to be joining BAnQ's Board of Directors, to help expand access not only to our libraries, but also to our archives. Today’s technology offers us previously undreamed-of power to take the vast stores of knowledge inside our libraries beyond the walls and bring it to life. I look forward to assisting BAnQ as it continues to play a leading role in this area,” said Mr. Carrier.

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Archives à voix haute – 375 ans de vies à Montréal

Celebrating the story and history of Montréal in words, music and images 

Tuesday, February 28
at the Grande Bibliothèque

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Québec Movies of Yesteryear

A selection of old-time Québec movies
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Expo 67 Flashback

A virtual tour of the World Fair that left its mark on the second half of the 20th century in Québec

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Mainmise Magazine at
a Glance

Leaf through this ''alternative'' publication from the 1970s. 

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  • Les aliments contre le cancer

    Les aliments contre le cancer
    Richard Béliveau et Denis Gingras

  • Manifeste de la Jeune-Fille

    Manifeste de la Jeune-Fille
    Olivier Choinière

  • Le cas Malaussène, tome 1

    Le cas Malaussène, tome 1
    Daniel Pennac

  • In Other Words

    In Other Words
    Jhumpa Lahiri
    MP3, Over Drive Listen

  • L'Algonquine

    Rodolphe Girard
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Les cartels du lait

    Les cartels du lait
    Elsa Casalegno et Karl Laske

  • Le sous-majordome

    Le sous-majordome
    Patrick DeWitt

  • Le poids de la neige

    Le poids de la neige
    Christian Guay-Poliquin

  • J'ai perdu

    J'ai perdu
    Robert Soulières

  • Le Miroir qui parle

    Le Miroir qui parle
    Marius Barbeau
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Une vie en mouvement

    Une vie en mouvement
    Misty Copeland

  • Le bonheur occidental

    Le bonheur occidental
    Charles Berberian

  • Girl in Pieces

    Girl in Pieces
    Kathleen Glasgow
    MP3, Over Drive Listen

  • Les résistants de Tombouctou

    Les résistants de Tombouctou
    Joshua Hammer

  • Le fromage raffiné de l'Isle-d'Orléans

    Le fromage raffiné de l'Isle-d'Orléans
    Jean-Charles Chapais
    Collection patrimoniale

  • La finance d'entreprise pour les nuls

    La finance d'entreprise pour les nuls
    Jean-Yves Eglem et Bernard Févry

  • Il était une fois Calamity Jane

    Il était une fois Calamity Jane
    Natalee Caple

  • La main invisible

    La main invisible
    Charles Dionne

  • Children of the New World

    Children of the New World
    Alexander Weinstein
    ePub, Over Drive Read

  • Journal du siège de Québec en 1759

    Journal du siège de Québec en 1759
    Jean Claude Panet
    Collection patrimoniale

  • Un + un = trois

    Un + un = trois
    Dave Trott

  • Les larmes

    Les larmes
    Pascal Quignard

  • The Girl Before

    The Girl Before
    JP Delaney
    ePub, Over Drive Read

  • Tu vivras pour moi

    Tu vivras pour moi
    Elisabeth Tremblay
    ePub, PDF

  • Albani (Emma Lajeunesse)

    Albani (Emma Lajeunesse)
    Napoléon Legendre
    Collection patrimoniale

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